The training activity of the ITAs is part of the objective of providing support for development. It reinforces their information action and allows, every year, several thousands of agricultural advisers, technicians, farmers from all horizons, to widen or update their knowledge.

It aims to be in line with current concerns about the sustainability of agriculture and the implementation of good practices in the field. It is carried out in partnership with a large number of research and development organisations.

Each year, the ITAs offer training and knowledge development courses on highly specialised topics. These courses are mainly aimed at technicians and agents of agricultural development and professional economic organizations. They are also open to producers and professional managers as well as representatives of the Administration, especially teachers.
The training activity of the ITAs is also ⇓⇓

the realization of tailor-made internships at the request of organizations or companies

technical and methodological support to organisations carrying out training activities

Objective Training