Agriculture - Innovation 2025: guidance for an innovative and sustainable agriculture.

At the crossroads of the agro-ecologic project for France and the national research strategy, ministers in charge of agriculture and research have entrusted to four personalities, the mission to put basis for a plan “Agriculture – Innovation 2025”: Jean-Marc BOURNIGAL, IRSTEA Chief executive officer, François HOULLIER, INRA Chief executive officer, Philippe LECOUVEY, ACTA Chief Executive Officer, and Pierre PRINGUET, AgroParisTech President.

The conclusions of the mission have been presented on Thursday 22 of October, 2015, by the four missionaries to Stéphane LE FOLL, Thierry MANDON and Axelle LEMAIRE.

More than 300 actors have been consulted during shared workshop and interviews: professionals of the agriculture sector, research operators, education actors, manufacturers, enterprises and competitiveness centers, public powers and regions, including downstream actors of sectors and civil society.

The report’s recommendations, formulated across 30 projects declined in hundred actions, aim at mobilizing research and innovation actors around federative key issues: stimulate agroecological and bioeconomic transitions, foster opened innovation and support training actions, taking-up the digital turn and encourage the robotic expansion, mobilize biotechnologies and support biocontrol.

Ministers have already announced that the action plan deriving from the report will be structured around 4 research programs on priorities thematic: 

  • “Soils – water – Climate”: mobilize soils to mitigate climate change and reinforce food security,
  •  “Sensors – health hazards”,
  •  “Robotic and digital technologies for agriculture”,
  •  “Produce differently by operating levers of systems and synthesis biology, biotechnologies and biocontrol”.

With a complementary and transversal approach, ministers have wished the setting up of two news innovative devices, which means, the creation of “living labs” of agro ecology and bio economy such as the setting up of a data and digital services portal for a French competitive, opened and sovereign agriculture.

Besides, a restitution meeting intended for the consulted actors will be organized during the first trimester 2016.

A regularly consultation with the agricultural sector on research and innovation key issues will be ensured at an annual dedicated session from the Higher Council of orientation and coordination on agricultural and food economy. Proposed actions will be followed jointly by the Ministry of agriculture, agri-food and forestry, and the Ministry of national education, higher education and research, relying particularly on a dedicated steering committee.

Ministers have welcomed a mission strongly mobilizing, whose success testifies of the vitality and expectations of research and innovative agriculture actors. Agricultural issues involve numerous science and innovation fronts which interest equally farmers, agricultural R&D, research sector and the French society as a whole.


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