Shared values, the bedrock for building sustainable partnerships

French agriculture is one of the most efficient in Europe and, indeed, globally. This success is built on extensive work in both basic and applied research. For applied research in France, this success is based on the agricultural technical institutes (ATIs) brought together within Acta. It’s a network with common values:   



For Acta, sharing is a unifying force. Acta acts as a real home for the ATIs, promoting moments for sharing and knowledge exchange in order to build lasting and fruitful relationships between ATIs.

As the head of the network, Acta bases its work on transparency, sharing its monitoring, foresight and good practices with each ATI.   



Acta serves all farmers, based on their resources and specificities.

It also works to diversify partnerships, and is open to the world of education, the press and the economy.

The diversity and openness of its team are a source of creativity.



Listening, conducting prospective international monitoring and sharing innovations allows Acta to support ATIs and stakeholders in the plant and animal production sectors in their quest for efficiency and competitiveness.



Retaining the enthusiasm of our teams in a difficult economic environment is key to enabling us to meet the challenges of the century.

Shared values of the members of the agricultural technical institute network.

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