What is a agricultural technical institute?

Agricultural Technical institutes are research organizations that provide  technical support, experimentation facilities, expertise, training, and information to end-users.

Specialized by production sectors, the Institutes are located throughout France and their missions are to: 

  • Conduct applied research and development to provide operational and sustainable solutions for farmers and agricultural sectors 
  • Combine scientific and field expertise to support companies and public authorities  in their strategic decisions
  • Evaluate and facilitate access to innovation 
  • Transfer and disseminate reliable and objective references 

They are federated by Acta, itself labelled as a Technical Agricultural Institute. Acta carries out projects and develops cross-cutting expertise in different fields of interest for all agricultural sectors. 

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The Agricultural Technical Institutes of the Acta network

Find out more about the 19 Agricultural Technical Institutes specialized by sector and industry: field crops, livestock, fruit and vegetables, vine and wine, specialized crops, organic farming, overseas crops and livestock.

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Skills directory of the network

To accelerate the emergence of innovation and encourage exchanges between RDI actors at both national and international levels, Acta and the 19 agricultural technical institutes make their skills directory available to the public.

Acta and its network gather a large technical and scientific human potential of the highest level, composed by 1420 doctors, engineers, and technicians, all carrying innovative projects. 

The network has cross-cutting and specific scientific expertise and know-how in applied research in the fields of life science, agricultural, forestry, environmental sciences and in the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors.

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