Technical institute of producers of oilseeds, protein crops, and hemp

Key figures


In 2019 : 143 employees, including 82 engineers and managers and 61 supervisors and permanent employees

Total budget

In 2019 : €16m

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       Innovation and expertise at the service of professionals in the vegetable oil and protein and hemp industries

At the service of producers

Terres Inovia is the technical reference institute for professionals in the vegetable oil and protein and hemp industries.

Terres Inovia has the status of an industrial technical centre (research code article L. 521-1 et seq.).

The crops concerned are rapeseed, sunflower, soya, oilseed flax, peas, field beans, lupin, lentils, chickpeas and hemp.

Terres Inovia's commitments

Terres Inovia's mission is to improve the competitiveness of oilseed, protein and hemp crops through innovation and independent expertise by adapting agricultural production and product development to different economic contexts and societal demands. To achieve this, Terres Inovia relies on the expertise and know-how of its teams, its partnerships with research and development organizations and works with farmers to develop innovative solutions.

In a motivating environment for employees and effective alliances with our partners, Terres Inovia contributes to :

  • implement diversified, multi-performing cropping systems;

  • developing digital agriculture, as close as possible to the diversity of producers in their territories;

  • strengthening France's protein autonomy.

Key figures

  • National and international networks: 4 UMTs, 25 national and international networks, 25 new collaborative projects per year, coordination of GCIRC and ISA.

  • Analyses and experiments: 33,000 determinations per year carried out on 12,000 seed and oilcake samples, 1,500 samples analysed and 18,000 data produced, more than 700 trials conducted on 14 crops.

  • 35 training courses offered per year and more than 300 trainees trained

  • Partnership with higher education: 2 new theses co-financed per year, 10 apprenticeship students and trainees recruited per year, regular interventions with students (bachelor pro, master, engineer) in schools and universities.

  • Technical communications: 15 guides and fact sheets per year, 300 articles in the national and regional agricultural press, 200 technical days for farmers and technicians, 10,500 subscribers on the website, 628,000 views on Twitter.

  • Scientific communications: 20 scientific publications, 2 symposia organized per year, participation in 10 symposia national and international per year

The ressources of Terres Inovia


Producers participate directly in the financing of Terres Inovia through a CVO (voluntary contribution made obligatory by ministerial order) on oilseed and protein crops, collected by Terres Univia, the interprofessional association for vegetable oils and proteins, by the Interchanvre interprofessional association for hemp and by the Anils association for lentils. This resource is supplemented by public subsidies, linked to research and development projects (European Commission, French ministries, regions), expertise and technical support contracts with industrialists in the sector and funding from the Ministry of Agriculture (Casdar).

Officially recognized expertise

Terres Inovia is officially qualified as an agricultural technical institute by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The institute is certified ISO 9001 by Afnor Certification for its entire activity.
Its physico-chemical analysis laboratory is accredited in accordance with the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard. Its experimentation network is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the "Good Experimentation Practices" standard for carrying out officially recognised tests.


Laurent ROSSO
Directeur général
Christophe DAVID
Président du conseil scientifique
Directeur adjoint - Directeur des opérations de recherche, d'études et d'expérimentation
Directrice de l'action régionale, du transfert
Christine GIGANDON
Directrice de la communication
Directeur du numérique et des systèmes d'information
Marie-Blanche MAILLARD
Directrice administrative et financière
Frédéric FINE
Directeur de la valorisation
Directrice des ressources humaines