Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles

The dissemination of information, knowledge and technologies to professionals and companies in the sector is done in particular through information notes, publications, symposia and technical days. The website contains a wealth of information accessible to all. The magazine "Pomme à cidre", widely distributed in the sector, is another important vector.

Examples of publications:

  • Cider Apples; Varieties, 2015 (IFPC)
  • Phenological stages of cider apple, 2014 (IFPC)
  • Elaboration of apple and cider juices - Techniques de l'ingénieur, 2010 (IFPC, INRA)
  • Cider orchards in 2007, production potential and prospects, 2009 (IFPC).
  • Practical guide to cider making, 2006 (IFPC)
  • Grafting of cider apple, 2004 (IFPC)
  • Pommiers à cidre, variétés de France, 1997 (INRA Edition) - Reissue

Regular broadcast media :

  •  Annual activity report, latest issue: activities for the year 2017 (IFPC)
  • Pomme à Cidre" magazine (3 issues per year) published by UNICID in partnership with IFPC and IDAC.
  • Technical news notes (about 15 per year): harvest forecasts, information on symposia, bulletins on the orchard situation, apple maturity, phytosanitary and regulatory news, etc.

Symposia :

Annual conference "Entretiens Cidricoles", at the SIVAL in Angers.

  • In 2018: Cider on the international scene: panorama of markets, products, trends - directions for innovation and R&D (organized in collaboration with UNICID)
  • In 2017: Biocontrol and functional biodiversity: interests and prospects for the cider industry
  • In 2016: New technologies in agriculture: State of play and prospects for cider farming
  • In 2015: Organoleptic quality of ciders and processes

Example of technical days :

  • 2017: Optimizing spraying methods and equipment in cider orchards
  • 2016 : Plant material in cider farming
  • 2015 : Hygiene in the cider house and plant material in cider farming