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Institut Technique Interprofes. des Plantes à Parfum Médicinales et Aromatiques

Research activities


Research fields and activities

Crop protection and the environment

Developing weeding protocols, disease and pest identification and control, preparation of approval applications for plant protection products

Plant breeding to meet new needs

Breeding is very effective in the search for competitive advantage

The search for new perspectives

Prospective studies with strategic intelligence (anticipating and supporting the development of new species or new uses). Participation in competent bodies (AFNOR/AFSSA/AFSSAPS/ European Pharmacopoeia) for product normalisation 

Organic agriculture

  • Leading the national network of technical advisers in this sector
  • Technical support to organisations
  • Conducting experiments

Agronomy service

  • Genetic improvement and breeding
  • Cropping itineraries: crop protection and management of dates and harvesting stages
  • Harvest and post-harvest technologies



Creates better performing varieties to respond constantly to changing needs.

Works to protect crops and the environment and develops qualifiable technical itineraries, submitted for approval.

Opens up new perspectives for production using new species or new uses.

Contributes to structuring the sector and to changes in regulations and standards (AFNOR, Pharmacopeia).

These activities are carried out mainly at the request of members (some 90 legal entities) covering the vast majority of the significant actors in the sector, making ITEIPMAI an association which closely reflects the sector's economy, geography and diversity.