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The French network of technical institutes in agriculture.

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In 2019 : 46 collaborators (CDI) including Acta Digital Services

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In 2019 : 6 M€

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Acta was established in 1956 by the professional agricultural organizations. It federates 18 technical agricultural institutes (ITA) and affiliated applied research structures. Acta is steered by farmers and a Board of Directors made up of representatives of the ITAs, a general economic and financial controller representing the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and a State representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

On a day-to-day basis, Acta is a genuine forum for exchange and sharing at the confluence of missions of general interest and missions of specific interest to the sectors.

As a French network for applied research and development transfer, Acta's action is based on 5 key missions:

  • Representing technical agricultural institutes to public authorities and stakeholders (decision-makers, opinion leaders, etc.),
  • Contribute to an eco-responsible, competitive and sustainable agriculture,
  • Promote R&D in French agricultural sectors at different territorial scales,
  • To promote innovation and its transfer to farmers and businesses,
  • Federating expertise in the service of collective actions for agricultural sectors.

The main missions of the technical agricultural institutes (ITA)

  • Conducting applied research and development to provide sustainable operational solutions for farmers and value chains,
  • Combining scientific skills and field expertise to inform business and government decisions,
  • Assess and facilitate access to innovation,
  • Transfer and disseminate reliable and objective references.

The 2014-2020 Contract of Objectives

This contract between Acta and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food aims to provide a multiannual reference framework for the interventions of the technical agricultural institutes for CasDAR credits and to set priority objectives for the period 2014-2020. This collective commitment stems from a conviction shared by the authorities and professionals in the agricultural sectors: research and development is the essential lever for meeting the economic competitiveness needs of the agricultural and agri-food sectors, and for meeting society's expectations.

The 5 strategic orientations defined for the network head are :

  • Integrate scientific and technical knowledge for action,
  • Providing support to ITAs
  • Provide support to the Agricultural Innovation and Transfer Networks (RITA) in the French Overseas Departments,
  • To get to know the work of the ITAs better: collect, validate and valorise,
  • Publicity: communication and exchange of information.


Anne-Claire VIAL
Jean-Paul BORDES
Directeur Général
Françoise CORREIA
Assistance Direction Générale
Mehdi SINE
Directeur Scientifique, Technique et Numérique
Directrice Outre-Mer
Directeur Europe et Région
Sandrine HUET
Directrice Administration et Valorisation
Responsable Communication et Relations extérieures
Violaine LEJEUNE
Responsable Formation
1er Vice-président
Sébastien WINDSOR
Christian HUYGUE
Président du conseil d’orientation scientifique et technique du réseau Acta-ITA
Bénédicte HERBINET
Représentant de l'Etat
Marie-Françoise IDIR
Commissaire aux comptes