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The trainings


School education programmes

Contribution to different university courses: Agrocampus Ouest, universities, IUT, agricultural high schools etc.

Frequent supervision of trainees and PhD students.

Professional training

Vegenov offers training in its scientific and technical fields of expertise.

Vegenov is a certified Training Provider (Declaration number: N°5329P013929). It develops customized and personalized training courses within or between companies, in accordance with the analysis of the needs of the requesting structure and in consultation with the trainees.

Mobilizing its own resources or calling upon qualified experts, Vegenov organizes customized training actions and contributes to reinforce the performance of companies through the development of competences and the qualification of human resources.

For the past two years, a training course on "The implementation of modern technologies in breeding: doubled haploids, marker-assisted selection, genomic selection. "is offered to scientists or decision-makers involved in breeding programs. For more information, contact Agathe Germain.

Contact: Agathe Germain- Administrative Manager: 02 98 29 06 44