Institut Technique de l'Aviculture

Areas of research


  • Knowledge of the markets for each product, both within our borders and for export, in order to best anticipate future qualitative and quantitative developments,
  • Follow-up of the performances obtained and production costs,
  • Search for alternatives to the use of food additives,
  • Optimisation of farming conditions with regard to animal welfare, while taking into account the realities of the field and the technical and economic constraints of a highly competitive environment,
  • The search for technical solutions to reduce and make the best use of waste in livestock farming,
  • The implementation of preventive measures aimed at minimising the health risk throughout the supply chain,
  • The search for genetic answers to various concerns of the sector (health, breeding behaviour, quality, etc.),
  • Determination of the technological, organoleptic and nutritional quality of meats - support for sectors engaged in quality procedures