Institut de l'Élevage

Areas of expertise

A builder of knowledge for the competitiveness of grazing livestock farms and their supply chains

The Institut de l’Élevage’s mission is to improve the competitiveness of grazing livestock farms and their supply chains.

Its work provides technical solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and horse farmers and stakeholders in the supply chain.

One of the challenges is to provide answers to societal issues.

As a research and development organisation, the Institut de l'Elevage is a the convergence of research and advisory services.

The institute works in the following areas of expertise: genetics, livestock husbandry techniques, environment, health, animal welfare, product quality, farm and supply chain economics, livestock systems, the role of the livestock farmer, information systems and international cooperation.

A builder of knowledge

In collaboration with its partners, the Institut de l’Élevage develops technical documentation and tools for technicians and livestock farmers.

These outputs offer validated and regularly updated methods, advice, references and recommendations. They are the result of the production, collection, analysis, scientific validation and synthesis of the work led by the institute. They are also based on the latest research results.

Providing innovation

The institute supports livestock farmers and their supply chains in a constantly changing environment by offering innovative technical solutions and livestock management systems.

The diversity and competence of its staff allow it to anticipate changes and therefore respond quickly to current issues.