Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles

Areas of expertise

Les programmes recherche et développement s’articulent autour de trois axes:

Contact: Yann GILLES

Sustainability and competitiveness of production systems and processes

Sustainability and societal and environmental acceptability

  • Reduce orchard inputs
  • Process improvement (Clean Label)
  • Improving health risk management
  • Anticipating climate change

Competitiveness of production and processing routes

  • Improve productivity, regularity of production
  • Improving the management and valorisation of fruit at the processing stage

Innovation, enhancement and product quality

Innovation and valorisation

  • Fostering product innovation
  • Diversify the valuations (co-products, new uses)

Optimization of organoleptic quality

  • Improving aromatic qualities
  • Limit alterations, defects

Knowledge management and industry know-how

  • Broadcast
  • Transfer
  • Training
  • Book of Knowledge