Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Plants de Pomme de Terre

Areas of expertise

National Scientific Coordination

Research, Development and Innovation Co-Directorate :

Yves LE HINGRAT : yves.lehingrat@fnpppt.fr

Virginie GOBERT : virginie.gobert@fnpppt.fr

Projects and Partnerships, Assistant to the Scientific Co-Director:

Laura DEMEY: laura.demey@fnpppt.fr


Contact: Yves LE HINGRAT yves.lehingrat@fnpppt.fr

Sanitary quality and pests of seed potatoes

Tools for detection and characterization of pests, epidemiology and control strategies:

  • Regulated and emerging organisms (bacteria, nematodes, etc.): Anne-Claire LE ROUX anneclaire.leroux@fnpppt.fr
  • Pectinolytic bacteria: Valérie HELIAS valerie.helias@fnpppt.fr
  • Potato viruses: Laurent GLAIS: laurent.glais@fnpppt.fr
  • Fungal and bacterial alterations of tubers: Karima BOUCHEK-MECHICHE : karima.bouchek@fnpppt.fr

Genetics and Support for Variety Creation

Molecular marking, marker-assisted selection, varietal resistance, genetic fingerprinting.

Contact: Sylvie MARHADOUR sylvie.marhadour@fnpppt.fr


Contact: Amélie BEURY amelie.beury@fnpppt.fr

Traceability, IT

Contact: Christophe DARGIER christophe.dargier@fnpppt.fr

Quality control laboratories and tissue culture laboratories

Experimentation and seed potato production techniques

Regional research programmes

Organic seed potato production

- Convention Bretagne-Plants / Aval douar Beo (organic potato producers' organisation) for the implementation of a research programme on organic seed potatoes.

- Work integrated into the general programme of other regions

Development and international relations

Contact: Bernard QUERE bernard.quere@fnpppt.fr