Centre for the Study and Valorisation of Algae

Key figures


In 2019 : 23 permanent employees, including 18 in higher education

Total budget

In 2019 : 2,2 M€

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A technical centre dedicated to algae, as close as possible to the resource

CEVA, created in 1982, is a French technology and innovation centre dedicated to algae, marine plants and marine biotechnology.

A private research centre with 35 years of experience, CEVA puts its expertise at the service of the industrial world to initiate, advise and support R&D and economic development projects in the exploitation of algae and plants in a very wide range of fields of activity: food and human nutrition (food algae, ingredients, IPA, food supplements), cosmetics, animal feed, fertilisers and biostimulants, bioremediation of liquid or gaseous effluents, bioplastics, biofuels, etc.

To this end, CEVA owns and operates various onshore and offshore platforms dedicated to the experimentation of new technologies and offers contract research, analytical and consulting services and pilot productions.

Our objective: Substitute certain fossil resources and terrestrial molecules with algae to meet the new challenges of tomorrow, and in particular those of the food industry!

Qualified ITAI (Institut Technique Agro-Industriel) since 2007 and ITA (Institut Technique Agricole) since 2018, CEVA promotes the algae industry in France, in Europe but also internationally.

It works closely with public and private stakeholders, including industrial companies and professional organisations. In addition to providing technical assistance and research services to companies, CEVA is also involved in a wide range of French and European collaborative research programmes on the cultivation of algae and microalgae and their uses (human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, biomaterials, energy...) and training programmes (inter- and intra-company).

The CEVA has 23 permanent employees. Of these, 18 are higher education graduates (technicians, engineers, doctors of science).




Stéphanie PEDRON
Directrice Générale
Responsable du pôle EENVI – Ecologie et Environnement
Responsable du pôle AQUAS – Aquaculture et Sourcing
Responsable du pôle INPRO – Innovations & Produits
Christophe LEROUX
Commissaire aux comptes