Centre for the Study and Valorisation of Algae

Areas of expertise

Environmental modelling and monitoring

Modeling, Remote Sensing and Remote Control, Imaging, Cartography, Instruments and Instrumentation, Optics, Hydrology

Algae Ecophysiology, Plant Biology & Evolutionary Biology - Species Identification

Plant biology, botany, agronomy, agriculture, ecophysiology

Micro and macroalgae production (offshore and onshore)

Innovative cultivation systems and control of the environmental impact (AMTI, raceways, Life Cycle Assessment study...), Production of algae of controlled composition (high protein content, starch enrichment), Development and transfer of technical itineraries for the cultivation of macro and microalgae (from hatchery to farm).

Secure sourcing and quality of supply

Food Quality & Safety

Raw material and food quality control and characterization of developed products, deformulation of food systems (hydrocolloids, additive sugars, salts), analytical development, Qualification of nutritional/health benefits of purified algae or molecules, Development of contaminant reduction processes - regulatory compliance, Development of stabilization and treatment processes for raw materials.

Analysis of plant material

Dosage and characterization of raw materials, identification of compounds of interest, study of the functional properties and biological activities of molecules/extracts.

Innovation produit/procédé, Transfert industriel

Development of new algae-based products and processes and expertise on their economic potential (extraction, chemical and enzymatic modifications, biorefinery...), feasibility studies, Extraction and purification of active compounds (extraction, solid/liquid separation, purification, concentration, drying), Chemical and enzymatic modification processes, Pilot production of pre-series, prototyping, Validation and optimisation of industrial processes and operating procedures, Concept and development of intermediate products and formulated food products...

Technical-economic and scientific documentary studies