Every day, more than 40 employees work to contribute to the emergence of innovation.

Our actions: 

  • Animate the network of Agricultural Technical Institutes on the scientific and technical issues that are cross-cutting to the sectors 
  • Ensure the transfer and collective exploitation of the work of the  Agricultural Technical Institutes 
  • Edit and disseminate specialized resources 
  • Provide and sell-services.

An association created and led by farmers from the animal and plant sectors and recognized by the public authorities. 

The governance of Acta is organized around: 

  • a general assembly and a board of directors chaired by Anne-Claire Vial 
  • a farmer’s board
  • thematic committees 
  • a scientific and technical orientation committee (COST)
Anne-Claire Vial
Jean-Paul Bordes
Directeur Général

L'équipe Acta

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Pôle Protection intégrée des cultures - One Health
Lola Ponnet
Chargée de mission « Valorisation en Protection Intégrée des Cultures »
Direction Scientifique, Technique et Numérique
Romario Jacques
Chargé de valorisation des expérimentations du réseau DEPHY EXPE