From innovation to impact

We must therefore equip ourselves with appropriate methodologies to qualify and quantify our individual and collective impact. 

The goal is to be able to report on the usefulness and efficiency of our activity and identify levers of improvement for future actions. 

But what is impact ?

Impact refers to effects or consequences of an event, an activity, a process, etc. on economy, environment, health, etc. Impacts are long-term effects, positive and negative, meant or not, direct or indirect, induced by the actions of stakeholders. They can be measured through the changes made to the targets of the work carried out and, beyond that, to all the actors likely to feel the impact. Impact assessment can be done at each stage of a project or a program: during its setting up (ex-ante), along its lifetime (in itinere), and once completed (ex-post). 

Why should we evaluate the impact of our work ?

  • To make it known and to recognize the contribution of technical institutes in response to the major challenges faced by the agricultural world.
  • To report to the mandators of technical institutes on the usefulness and efficiency of the activities they finance.
  • To identify levers for improvement for the setting up, management and the valorization of future projects.

Our vision

In the agricultural field, innovations are not the result of the action of a single actor. They are the result of a synergistic and coordinated work of a plurality of stakeholders. The challenge is to highlight the roles played by each party knowledge flow and mechanisms that generate impact. 


The vast majority of existing methods are designed for the evaluation of economic impacts. We do not wish to limit the evaluation of our work to this single measure. We are seeking to develop indicators that will also enable us to understand the environmental, social and health dimensions at the heart of our missions. 

To this end, a group of partners has drawn on approaches developed by academic research (ASIRPA by INRAe and ImpresS by CIRAD) to develop an impact assessment method and tools, adapted to their own professions and work contexts.


Initial results

Since 2020, we have been working with several actors to qualify and quantify the impact of our work.

Success stories from Acta network have been collected. They illustrate the work of technical institutes and the added value of their work in the R&D ecosystem. This is a first initiative to show the impact of innovations to which technical institutes have participated. 

You will soon find a selection of these impact stories on this page.