The essential tool for choosing the right products and rationalizing interventions

Thanks to the application’s multi-criteria search engine, you can easily find the phytopharmaceutical products (including biocontrol products and those suitable for use in organic agriculture) best suited to your needs, and consult all the essential information:

  • legal informations on plant protection products
  • access to safety data sheets (SDS)
  • validity of product mixtures on a selected crop
  • dedicated search for biocontrol products or products that can be used in organic agriculture (UOA)
  • scan of product barcodes for quick access to product data sheets

Continuous updating by a dedicated team of agronomic experts

All data certified by the manufacturers and a dedicated team of agronomic experts continuously monitors regulatory changes.

Particularly useful on the local, in the preparation area and in the field, for choosing products and searching for information:

  • authorized uses,
  • approved doses,
  • number of treatments,
  • re-entry intervals (REI),
  • stages of treatments,
  • pre-harvest intervals (PHI),
  • untreated zones (UTZ)…

The Index acta mobile app also facilitates the management of plant health product storage areas: end of authorization, storage according to danger classification, management of empty plant protection product packaging and non-usable plant protection products…
The Index acta mobile app provides practical answers to farmer’s questions about available products and their uses.

This mobile app has been developed for all actors in the agricultural sector: farmers, advisors, suppliers, firms, students, teachers…