The 6th edition of the Index acta biocontrol, the reference book for understanding and using biocontrol

The result of a collective effort involving the know-how of experts from the Acta network’s agricultural technical institutes and associations working to promote biocontrol.

The 2022 edition, which is enriched each year, focuses on the development prospects for biocontrol products, and offers a description of the basic substances and the sterile insect technique, as well as complementary alternative solutions.

A summary of current biocontrol knowledge

What you need to know :

  • Definitions, overview of solutions, update on current regulations,
  • 12 example sheets on the use of these solutions in the field in different plant sectors, including 1 new one on the use of potassium phosphonates and their new uses on wheat and potatoes.

A catalog of solutions and their conditions of use:

  • Numerous new biocontrol products marketed in France – nearly 700 in all!
  • Macro and micro-organisms, pheromones, natural substances, mass traps and monitoring, attractive panels.

Easy product identification:

  • suitable for use in organic farming (UAB),
  • authorized for use in (amateur) gardens,
  • mentioned in PPSC sheets (phytopharmaceutical product saving certificates).

A contact list of biocontrol players: firms, agricultural technical institutes, partners, etc.

3 consultation indexes for simplified searching by :

  • crop and by use,
  • active substance or macro-organism,
  • commercial specialty.

Who is the guide for? Technicians, prescribers, farmers, advisors, trainers and students wishing to expand their knowledge and adopt biocontrol solutions.

The acta Biocontrol Index is available individually or as a paper + digital pack (Duo and Premium Packs).