Supporting the development and the deployment of digital tools for all agricultural sectors

Acta assists the network of Agricultural Technical Institutes in the implementation of their research and innovation projects on  digital field, at both French and European levels. The general objective is to ensure a good valorization of agricultural data through the creation of new services.

The term Digital Agriculture refers to agriculture using various digital technologies such as acquisition technologies (sensors), data science, computer science, and robotics. These technologies can be implemented at all stages of the agricultural production and are potential levers to help farmers make better technical and strategic decisions, as well as to meet the many current challenges faced by agriculture (agro-ecological transition, resilience to climate change, response to societal requirements, etc.).

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To support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector and to cope with the activities of the Agricultural Technical Institutes, Acta undertakes collective projects around 3 axes: 

  1. Support the digital transformation of the agricultural technical institutes; 
  2. Adopt a strategy around data access and value generation; 
  3. Act as a key player in the digital transition of agriculture. 

To ficilitate collective work around digital agriculture, Acta relies on a cross-cutting program entitled “Mobilization of the digital lever to support the design, management, deployment and valorization of innovative and performant agricultural production systems”.

Acta also runs two Mixed Technological Networks (RMT): 

These two networks aim at federating a wide community of actors of research, innovation, education and agricultural development around these themes. 

Acta is also involved in many digital projects on both French and European scales, such as the SmartAgriHubs project “Unleashing the innovation potential for the digital transformation of the European Agrifood Sector” funded under Horizon 2020 and involving Acta, ARVALIS and AgDataHub in a very large European partnership of 160 partners from 22 countries. 

Finally, Acta regularly organizes an event called  HackTaFerme® which is a hackathon or coding competition on the farm aiming at encouraging participative innovation. This event already has 3 editions to date: one in 2018 in Châlons-en-Champagne, one in 2019 in Gers and one in 2021 in Drôme. 


5 societal challenges define our priorities for action to support the agro-ecological transition and facilitate the transformation of agriculture towards more sustainable systems.

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