Facing with the challenges of climate change, agro-ecological transition, and consumer expectations, the agricultural world needs more than ever to rely on an innovative and efficient Research and Development network.

Acta, who supports, leads and represents the network of the 18 French Agricultural Technical Institutes – applied research organizations working for all agricultural animal and plant production – meets this need.

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Our missions

To represent the french agricultural technical institutes towards public authorities and opinion leaders
To contribute to an eco-responsible, competitive and sustainable agriculture
To promote R&D in the French agricultural sector at different territorial levels
To encourage innovation and its transfer to farmers and companies
To federate expertise for collective actions for all agricultural sectors
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5.3 million euros


65 years

of experience


ongoing R&D projects




copies of the Acta Plant Protectoin Index sold each year

1 million euros

in sales and service delivery

Participatory Governance

An association created and led by professionals from both animal and plant sectors and recognized by public authorities.  

Acta is led by a Board of Directors composed by the technical agricultural institutes’ representatives, farmers’ representatives, a general economic and financial controller on behalf of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and a representative of the State from the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty.

Applied agricultural research

Acta ensures the strengthening of cross-cutting approaches and collaborations between its members but also with research organizations, agricultural chambers, professional agricultural organizations, and public authorities.

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The European scale

Involved in several major European projects, Acta showcases the regional and national expertise of the French agricultural sector internationally.

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Acta in the French regions and overseas territories

With a network of more than 2,200 employees, including 1,700 doctors, engineers, and technicians; and 200 locations in mainland  and overseas, Acta brings out innovation, meets current and future challenges, and supports farmers in the agroecological transition.

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Selection of partners

In parallel with the network of Agricultural Technical Institutes, Acta may have to establish close relations with partner or affiliated structures in the framework of certain research and development programs.


Technical and scientific expertise at the service of the beekeeping sector.


Association bringing together the entire French hop production industry.