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Arvalis - Institut du végétal

Key figures


In 2015 : 400 permanent employees, including 180 engineers and 160 technicians

Total budget

In 2015 : 55 M€

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Innovations and performances at the service of farmers and sectors

ARVALIS - Institut du végétal is an agricultural research organization funded and managed by cereals, potatoes, flax, tobacco and fodder producers, with the help of interprofessions and research funding funds.


As part of its mission, ARVALIS is mobilizing its expertise to enable the emergence of production systems that conciliate economic competitiveness, market adaptation and positive contribution to environmental issues throughout the country.


The field of ARVALIS activities concern about 80% of the agricultural area cultivated in France and many sectors, from production to processing.

The activities of ARVALIS-Institut du végétal are organized around three dimensions:

  • A set of productions studied at the scale of the cropping system, mobilizing a transversal agronomic approach.
  • Scales of work going from the plant cell to the territory: gene, plant, plot, exploitation, territory.
  • A sector approach from culture to the final product: production, harvest, conservation, storage, qualities, interactions with processing processes.


The 400 employees of the Institute carry out more than 2,200 agronomic trials each year and are involved in nearly 150 research projects involving more than 500 partners.

ARVALIS supports more than 5,000 technicians and advisors through its training activity and the provision of innovative decision support tools (Farmstar, Septo-LIS® ...), developed on more than 3 million hectares.

The institute also regularly informs more than 120,000 farmers with its magazines Perspectives Agricoles and ARVALIS-Terres Inovia infos, its website and its electronic letter


ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's entire activities are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, version 2008. The institute also has the largest French network of approved BPE test sites and its laboratories are accredited by COFRAC.


Consult the activity report ARVALIS 2014-2015.


Anne-Claire VIAL
François JACQUES
Secrétaire Général
Directeur Général
Directeur des Actions Régionales
François LAURENT
Directeur Recherche & Développement
Directrice Administrative, Financière et des RH
Directeur Communication & Marketing
Philippe GATE
Directeur Scientifique
Romain VAL
Directeur de la Valorisation