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In 2014 : 30 employees, 7 Doctors, 6 engineers

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Alongside CTIFL and complementary to the national institute, Vegenov has developed R&D expertise in biotechnologies applied to the breeding of new varieties, the evaluation of plant protection products and the assessment of plant product quality.

Its expertise, ‘bespoke plant services’, is based on a personalised and confidential approach to projects for breeders, seed producers, agro-chemical companies, producers and distributors.

ISO 9001 certified for its R&D activities, Vegenov has all the appropriate facilities including a containment level 3 plant pathology laboratory and provides services in the following areas:


  • Cellular biology and in vitro culture
  • Genetic fingerprinting of plants and their pathogens
  • Crop protection (stimulation of plant defences, disinfection of glasshouses and greenhouses, plant protection products etc.)
  • Sensory and nutritional quality of fruit and vegetables
  • Monitoring, consultancy and support for innovation

Initially based on vegetable crops (cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, shallots and tomatoes), these skills are now offered to different plant sectors and other technical institutes in the ACTA network.

As a technological resource centre (it is recognised as such by France’s Ministry of Research) and a technical institute associated with CTIFL, Vegenov is involved in various networks (ACTA, ASF, SPPD, IBMA etc.) and competitiveness clusters (Valorial, Terralia, Végépolys etc.).

Maintaining a close relationship with public research (INRA, CNRS and universities), Vegenov is the host laboratory of the Vie Agro Santé (Rennes) graduate school, a member of Biogenouest and a partner in the Emergys new business incubator.


Jacques EDERN
Manuelle BODIN
Responsable biologie cellulaire et culture in vitro
Responsable pathologie végétale
Céline HAMON
Responsable biologie moléculaire
Responsable qualité sensorielle et nutritionnelle
Christophe BAZINET
Responsable formation et conseiller innovation
Juliette CLÉMENT
Chargée de veille