Supported structures: AGPH | ITSAP-Institut de l'abeille

the French network of technical institutes in agriculture.

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In 2016 : 42 collaborators (CDI) including Acta Informatique

Total budget

In 2016 : 6 M€

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Acta was founded in 1956 by professional agricultural organisations. It brings together 14 agricultural technical institutes (ATIs) in the animal and plant production sectors and their affiliated applied research organisations. Acta is managed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the ATIs, a General Economic and Financial Controller representing the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, and a State representative from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.


The 2014-2020 contract of objectives

between Acta and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry aims to provide a multiannual framework for the interventions of agricultural technical institutes for CASDAR credits and set the priority objectives for 2014-2020. This collective commitment stems from a belief shared by the authorities and those working in the agricultural sector: development research is the key lever in meeting the need for economic competitiveness in the agricultural and food processing sectors, and for meeting societal expectations.

The five strategic orientations defined for the head of the network are:

  • Integrating scientific and technical knowledge for action
  • Providing support to ATIs
  • Providing support to the networks for agricultural innovation and transfer (known by their French acronym, RITA) in France’s overseas departments
  • Having a better understanding of the work of the ATIs: to collect, validate and develop
  • Raising awareness: communication and information exchange

The Scientific, Technical and International Directorate

is responsible for managing, monitoring and evaluating the ATI network’s contract of objectives, which it develops in connection with the ATIs and the DGER (France’s Directorate General of Education and Research).

The Scientific, Technical and International Directorate has the following roles:

  • Scientific coordination of the network
  • Technical and financial monitoring of partnership arrangements such as the mixed technology units (UMT), mixed technology networks (RMT) and ATIs in the ‘Technological Research’ call for projects
  • Supporting the integration of ATIs in the European Research Area
  • Technical networking of ATIs with foresight on emerging themes, organising thematic days, establishing working groups, recruiting PhDs and coordinating future-oriented studies
  • The management of four unifying transversal themes:
    • Integrated Pest Management
    • Design and multi-criteria evaluation of sustainable production systems
    • Upstream and downstream food safety and quality control (in conjunction with ACTIA)
    • Beekeeping/apiculture and pollination (in conjunction with ITSAP-Institut de l’abeille) 

    The Overseas Directorate

    Created in late 2011, provides methodological support to technical institutes in the course of construction and partners in the networks for agricultural technical innovation and transfer (known by their French acronym, RITA) in France’s overseas departments. It draws on the Acta technical institutes in mainland France and other national and international partners.


    The valorisation, publishing and dissemination department

    It is in charge of the transfer and collective promotion of the ATIs’ work, mainly with policy makers and the media. The ATIs encourage the transfer of innovations and know-how to farmers and businesses. ACTA plays an essential role in amplifying and ensuring consistency of the global offer thanks to the synergies of different communication methods: information, expertise, and the provision of services and training.

    Publications: Acta publishes and distributes more than 100 specialised books on methods and technical references taken from the work and knowledge acquired by Acta and/or the ATIs, including the Acta Index Phytosanitaire (plant health index), which is published annually, a practical guide to crop protection (now in its 5th edition), crop weeds etc.

    ATI training is available through an established programme open to all or through ‘bespoke’ training sessions constructed and tailored to a company’s needs. Acta publishes a brochure summarising the ATIs’ training offer.

    These catalogues are available online at:


    The administrative and finance department

    provides tax and accounting support to ATIs, organises exchanges on ATI practices and leads the debate on sharing within the network (administrative and financial management of projects, accounting etc.).


    The legal department

    provides support to ATIs and offers legal services to organisations in the agricultural sector.


    The Acta Informatique subsidiary

    offers a range of services combining consulting and integration for the best technological solutions and the outsourcing of information systems (design/build/run).

    Acta Informatique’s main activities are:

    • The sale of security equipment and computer networks
    • IT training and statistics
    • Conducting statistical studies using SAS
    • A range of IT services
    • Project development‎





    Anne-Claire VIAL
    Jean-Paul BORDES
    Directeur Général
    Françoise CORREIA
    Assistance Direction Générale
    Directrice Outre-Mer
    Adrien GUICHAOUA
    Responsable du pôle Europe et Région
    Responsable Communication et Relations extérieures
    Violaine LEJEUNE
    Responsable Formation
    Mehdi SINE
    Directeur Scientifique, Technique et Numérique
    Sandrine HUET
    Directrice Administration et Valorisation
    Marianne SELLAM
    Adjointe du Directeur Scientifique, Technique et Innovation
    Bernard ANGELRAS
    Martial MARGUET
    Jean-Michel SCHAEFFER
    Christian HUYGUE
    Président du conseil d’orientation scientifique et technique du réseau Acta-ITA
    Cyril KAO
    Représentant de l'Etat
    Marie-Françoise IDIR
    Commissaire aux comptes