Technical institute of producers of oilseeds, protein crops, and hemp

Research axis


Support the actors’ strategic decisions of each sector

  • Propose a framework and context analysis tools to support different actors’ strategic decisions
  • Describe the evolution and the functioning of crop systems
  • Consolidate expertise to feed public debate and organize bio-vigilance 

Assess and develop innovations


  • Better knowledge of vegetal material to adapt it to needs of each sector
  • Know and control biological pests
  • Assess farming inputs
  • Develop and valorize farming technologies 

Conceive and test sustainable production systems


  • Know the impact of crop systems on the environment
  • Optimize and adapt crop systems
  • Ensure a sustainable management of production techniques and enhance integrated crop protection
  • Adapt technical arrangements to organizational or quality constraints 


Valorize the productions, master their quality and security 



  • Know and valorize nutritional properties of oil-seeds
  • Improve technological processes for current and future uses
  • Master quality and security of sectors




Support creation and dissemination of innovations

  • Communicate at technical and scientific level
  • Valorize new information technologies
  • Bring an operational support to oilseed and hemp producers


For further information, download the Terres Inovia’s activity report