Technical institute of producers of oilseeds, protein crops, and hemp

Key figures


In 2015 : 152 FTE of which 79 FTE engineers and managers and 73 FTE supervisors and employees

Total budget

In 2015 : €16m

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Innovation and expertise supporting oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp producers and their sectors

As the technical center for oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp, Terres Inovia is in charge of research and development for the professionals of Terres OléoPro, the sector of vegetable oils and proteins, and of Interchanvre, the hemp sector.

Terres Inovia's mission is to improve the economic competitiveness of oilseed, grain legumes and hemp crops through technical means, by adapting production to the economical context, the regulatory requirements and demands of society. Its programs aim to optimize grain production, to value the products and diversify outlets. It is part of a dynamic interprofession, whose goal is to promote the final products of the sector: oil, cakes grain and fibre. The main crops involved are rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, linseed, pea, field bean, lupin and industrial hemp.


Exchanges with all sector actors

Partnerships aim at valuing research results towards economic operators and to make recommendations from producers’ expectations to researchers. Terres Inovia is in several French “UMT” with INRA, participates in scientific committees, provides staff, co-finances theses and finances study topics.  

Its numerous partnerships with other agricultural technical institutes provide studies, experiments and common events. At the regional level, partnerships with economic and development structures are key. The entire experimental program of Terres Inovia gathers around 400 trials.  

At the international level, Terres Inovia has scientific relationships with several research teams. In particular, the institute hosts the GCIRC (International Consultative Group of Research on Rapeseed) and the International Sunflower Association (ISA).


Terres Inovia resources

Producers directly participate to the funding of Terres Inovia through a CVO (voluntary contribution made compulsory by the State) withdrawn on crops. This resource is completed by the CasDAR (French ministry of agriculture fund), public research and development agreements (European Commission, French ministries, regions) and research agreements with industrials.   


An officially recognized competency

Terres Inovia was one of the first structures labeled in 2007 as agricultural technical institute by the French ministry of agriculture. This label was renewed in 2012. It completes its ISO 9001 label received in 2000 for its activities, renewed in 2012 by AFNOR Certification.

Its analyses laboratory in Ardon (45) is accredited since 1996, according to the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 referential. This accreditation was renewed in 2011. Its experiments network is labeled since 1999 by the ministry of agriculture to make officially recognized trials. This label was renewed in 2009.




Sébastien WINDSOR
Laurent ROSSO
Jean-Luc CAMEZ
Contrôleur général, économique et financier
Olivier LE GALL
Président du conseil scientifique
Directeur adjoint
Responsable du département méthodes et techniques innovantes
Directeur Action régionale, Transfert et Valorisation
Christine GIGANDON
Direction de la communication
Responsable zone Est
Christophe VOGRINCIC
Responsable zone Sud
Frédéric FINE
Directeur adjoint chargé de la valorisation
Mathieu GODET
Responsable zone Ouest
Direction du numérique et des systèmes d'information