Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Plants de Pomme de Terre

Areas of expertise

National scientific coordination

Contact: Yves LE HINGRAT yves.lehingrat@fnpppt.fr

Health quality and seed potato pests

Pest detection and characterisation tools, epidemiology and control strategies:

Genetics and breeding support

Molecular markers, marker-assisted selection, varietal resistance and genetic fingerprinting.

Contact: Sylvie MARHADOUR sylvie.marhadour@fnpppt.fr.fr


Contact: Amélie BEURY amelie.beury@fnpppt.fr

Traceability, IT

Contact: Christophe DARGIER christophe.dargier@fnpppt.fr

Quality control laboratories and in vitro culture

Experimentation and seed potato production techniques

Regional research programmes

Organic seed potato production

  • Agreement between Bretagne Plants and Aval douar Beo (an organic potato producer group) for conducting a research programme on organic seed potatoes 
  • Work is integrated into the general programme in other regions 

Development and international relations

Contact: Bernard QUERE bernard.quere@fnpppt.fr