Supported structures: AGPH | ITSAP-Institut de l'abeille

The French network of technical institutes in agriculture.

Research activities

Acta provides national coordination of the agricultural technical institutes involved in the performance of the general interest tasks accorded to them. The scientific, technical and international hub is responsible for the management, monitoring and evaluation of the ATI network’s contract of objectives which it develops in conjunction with the ATIs and DGER (France’s Directorate General of Education and Research).  


The scientific, technical and international hub is responsible for:


  • Scientific coordination of the network
  • Technical and financial monitoring of partnership arrangements such as the mixed technology units (UMT), mixed technology networks (RMT) and ATIs in the ‘Technological Research’ call for projects
  • Supporting the integration of ATIs in the European Research Area
  • Technical networking of ATIs with foresight on emerging themes, organising thematic days, establishing working groups, recruiting PhDs and coordinating future-oriented studies
  • The management of seven unifying transversal themes:
    • Innovative cropping systems
    • Functional biodiversity
    • Fertilisation
    • Pest control
    • Quality
    • Traceability
    • Food safety
    • Energy saving
    • Modelling and new information and communication approaches
  • Supporting organisations such as Terres d’innovation, which brings together five ATIs from specialist sectors 


This coordination is driven in particular through RMTs, projects or as part of other affiliations, including:


  • Acta/ITSAP -Institut de l’abeille for professional apiculture with technical coordination and the establishment of a technical-economic observatory
  • Acta/AGPH for hops


MAAF: France’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

MESR: France’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research

MEEDDM: France’s Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea