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The French network of technical institutes in agriculture.


Acta develops training and ‘bespoke’ customised knowledge development programmes in the fields of crop protection and product traceability. This type of training is intended primarily for agricultural organisations, private companies, technicians or groups of farmers, and distributors wishing to organise internal training. ACTA may also provide technical and methodological support to organisations wanting to conduct local training activities.

The six major themes developed are:

  •  Knowledge of pests and beneficials: the proper use - or decision not to use - chemical control methods against pests requires a better knowledge of enemies and beneficial organisms. These practical courses are designed to allow participants to acquire the methodologies and criteria needed for the identification of crop pests.
  • Knowledge of plant protection products: fundamental aspects and practical consequences. The use of plant protection products in an Integrated Pest Management programme is complex. These courses are designed to offer a technical and regulatory overview so that the user or adviser has a broad view, providing participants with the knowledge necessary on the possible uses of products.
  • Risk prevention during the use of plant protection products: the use of plant protection products requires sound knowledge of the interactions with the environment and living organisms. These courses are intended to offer a technical and regulatory overview to ensure the safety of operators and consumers, and respect for the environment.
  • Modelling methodology: in connection with the RMT Modelia, a basic methodological approach is offered to introduce participants to the modelling of functional biodiversity - the interactions between agricultural activities and beneficials which are useful for agriculture must be taken into account in new cropping systems and these courses provide an update on the topic
  • Apiculture: in conjunction with ITSAP-Institut de l’abeille, this topic addresses all the issues of interest to the apiculture sector, covering everything from production to the protection of pollinators

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Méthode, expérimentation et statistiques

Data Science pour l'agriculture

Date: Du 6 au 10 juillet 2020 (formation à distance)

Protection intégrée des cultures


Ennemis des cultures

Reconnaissance des plantes adventices printemps/été au stade plantule

Date: 09/06/2020 (Vouillé, 79) - 17/06/2020 (Étampes, 91)

Produits phytopharmaceutiques

Réglementation sur les produits phytopharmaceutiques

Date: 17/11/2020 (Paris,75) - 02/12/2020 (Lyon, 69)

Connaissance technique des produits phytopharmaceutiques

Date: 18/11/2020 (Paris, 75) - 03/12/2020 (Lyon, 69)