ITAs others european projects 2007/2013

ERA-Net CORE Organic ITAB ICOOP Improve local raw materials contributions to support the changeover to a 100% AB food for pig and poultry 2011-2014 Partner Aarhus University - DK
ERA-Net CORE Organic IFIP PROPIG Strategies to reduce environmental impact enhancing health, BEA and nutrition of bio porks (suite of Corepig) 2011-2014 Partner BOKU - AT
ERA-PG ARVALIS Bio-régulateurs Identification of molecular markers for bio-regulator sensing which improve the plants productivity and quality 2007-2010 Partenaire Bayer - DE
ERA-PG ARVALIS CereHealth Ensure a durable production of food product - a fonctional genomic strategy guided to improve the tolerance of biotic stress in cereals 2007-2010 Partner KWS - DE
ERA-Net EMIDA IDELE RumiNema Gastro-intestinal nematodes (GIN) threatening the ruminant well-being and productivity in grazing 2011-2014 Partner INRA
ERA-Net EMIDA IDELE Q Fever Interfaces Gastro-intestinal parasitism 2010-2013 Partner  
DG AGRI CTIFL   Study on marketing standard on fruits and vegetables sector 2010 Partner AND International Agriculture Nutrition Développement
DG AGRI IDELE   Evaluation of the cost of livestock environmental standards 2012 Partner CRPA - IT
DG AGRI IDF   Economical Value of groundwater and biodiversity in forests   Partner  
DG AGRI IDELE   Study on the dairy sector evolution   Partner  
DG AGRI IDF WOOD SUPPLY Prospects for the supply of the timber and forestry product on the market for forestry properties with fragmented structures zones Partner BOKU - AT  
DG AGRI IDELE   Evaluation of PAC meausures about small ruminants 2010-2011 Sub-contracting AND International Agriculture Nutrition Développement
DG AGRI IDELE   Evaluation of directs subsidies in dairy farming 2009-2010 Sub-contracting AND International Agriculture Nutrition Développement
DG AGRI IDELE   SE and GES typology 2008-2009 Partner  
DG AGRI IFV GrapeGen06 Management and conservation of vine genetic resources 2007-2010 Partner INRA
DG AGRI IDELE EUROCA Diversity of european cattle: races in small corps 2007-2010 Partner WUR - NL
DG AGRI IDELE Heritage Sheep Locals races and economical systems 2007-2008 Partner Uni York - UK
DG ENV ITAB Rotation environnement Environmental impact of rotations followed in Europe 2009-2010 Sub-contracting BIO-Intelligent Service
DG ENV IDF   Marketing of forestry environmental services 2009-2010 Partner  
DG Sanco IDELE   Network of well-being animal      
DG Sanco IDELE BOREST Slaughterring ritual      
DG Sanco IFIP   Male pork not neutered      
DG Sanco IDELE, IFIP ALCASADE Alternative to dehorning and castration 2009-2010 Partner IRTA - ES
Parlement UE IDELE   Evaluation on the future of small ruminant sector 2007-2008 Partner Ernst & Young
Parlement UE IDELE, IFIP, ITAVI   Impact of increasing operational costs on meat production in EU 2007-2009 Partner  
COST IDF Map-FGR Reinforcement of the conservation: a key question for the adaptation of marginal populations / outlying area of tree in forest to climate change in Europe 2012-2016 Partner CRA - IT
COST IDF Non Wood Forest Products Network of european non-timber forest products 2013-2017 Partner  
COST CTIFL CHERRY Sustainable production of high quality cherries for the european market 2012-2016 Partner INRA
COST IDF FACESMAP Change of forestry land ownership in Europe: Importance of management and policy 2012-2016 Partner BOKU - AT
COST CTIFL VEGETABLE GRAFTING Vegetable grafts in order to improve efficiency and quality of fruits in biotic and abiotic stress conditions 2012-2016 Partner UNITUS - IT
COST IFIP FAIM Optimisation and standardisation of imagery and spectroscopy methods non-destructive to improve the determination of the meat composition and quality 2011 - 2015 Partner FI
COST ARVALIS TRITIGEN Triticeace Genomic for the promotion of essential european crops 2007-2011 Sub-contracting INRA MTT - FI
COST IDF ECHOES Climate change and options for an european forestry 2008-2012 Partner GIP-ECOFOR
COST CTIFL PomeFruitHealth A mix of traditional and cutting-edge strategies for plant protection in stone fruit 2007-2011 Partner Uni-Vienne - AT
COST CTIFL StoneFruitNutHealth Bacterial diseases of fruits and nuts 2007-2011 Partner ACW - CH
EGIDE ARVALIS PROTEUS Systems of evaluation indicators 2009-2010 Coordinator ARVALIS - FR
PHARE IDELE Pologne Information system for the agricultural consulting 2007 Twinning  
PHARE IDELE Bulgarie Well-being animal, formation on indicators 2007 Twinning  
PHARE IDELE Slovénie Adaptation to milk quotas in Slovenia – AOC products 2006-2007 Twinning  
LIFE Environnement IFV BIODIVINE Biodiversity - vineyard landscape 2010-2014 Coordinator IFV - FR
LIFE Environnement IDELE CARBON DAIRY Mitigation measures of GES in cattle farming 2014-2018 Coordinator IDELE - FR
LIFE Environnement IDELE MIL'OUV Grazing in open environment 2014-2018 Partner CEN LR - FR
LIFE Environnement ACTA   Mosquitos control and disease vector: proposition of an integrated management compatible with sustainable development 2010-2013 Sub-contracting EIDM - FR
LIFE+ Environnement IFIP METBIORESOR Reduction of cost, environmental risks generated by the disposal of sub-products and animal residues 2010-2014 Partner Unións Agrarias - ES
LIFE+ Environnement ARVALIS GREEN PELLETS Energy crops and sustainable development of territories - Supplier and combustion chain. 2009-2011 Partner AILE - FR
LIFE+ Environnement IFIP ECOREGA Ecological management of waste generated by cattle farming and their impact on GES emissions 2010-2014 Partner Unións Agrarias - ES
LEONARDO IDF EforOwn Forestry owners 2012-2016 Partner SYPF - UK
LEONARDO IFV ECOWINE Eco-design of cave in wine sector 2012-2016 Coordinator IFV - FR
LEONARDO IFV E-Viti-Climate Interactive information platform for technician wine growing on climate change and forestry 2011-2013 Coordinator IFV - FR
LEONARDO IFV WINDAIR Training modules on vineyard quality and cheese producted on farm 2008-2011 Partner M2A Technologie
LEONARDO IFV COWINHY Guide to good hygiene practice for the wine sector 2008-2010 Partner M2A Technologie
CIP IFV WinEnvironment Environment protection in growing and production of vine 2009-2012 Coordinator IFV - FR
CIP ACTA, ACTA Informatique VOA3R Virtual open access to a databank on Agriculture & l'Aquaculture : Scientific data sharing and teaching material linked to agriculture, food and environment. 2010-2013 Partner UAH - ES
CIP IDF AFO Activation Forest Owners : Mobilisation of private properties to increase the fuel wood supply 2009-2012 Partner VTT - FI