ITAs INTERREG projects 2007-2013

INTERREG IV-A FR-ES IDELE GENOMIA Selection scheme reinforcement in sheep dairy breed : economic, ecological and social interest 2010-2012 Partner NEIKER - ES
INTERREG IV-A FR-ES IDELE OTRAC Bovine meat breed - territory 2009-2012 Coordinator IDELE - FR
INTERREG IV-A FR-ES IDF PIRINOBLE Plantation of hardwood trees on farm land 2009-2012 Partner CTFS - ES
INTERREG IV-A FR-BE ITB SUN Nitrogen sustainable use 2010-2013 Partner Uni-Liège-Gembloux - BE
INTERREG IV-A FR-BE IDELE CTBBH II Cross-breed Blanc-Bleu Holstein 2008-2011 Partner Hainaut Développement - BE
INTERREG IV-A FR-BE IDELE BLUESEL Breed Blanc Belge - Bleue du Nord 2008-2012 Partner AWE - BE
INTERREG IV-A FR-BE-LU IDELE OPTENERGES GES and energy in livestock production: optimisation of energy efficiency in farms and reduction of GHG emissions, multifonctionnality of animal production systems 2008-2011 Partner SPIGVA - BE
INTERREG IV-A Rhin Sup ARVALIS INDEE Nitrogen fertilizer 2012-2015 Coordinator ARVALIS - FR
INTERREG IV-A FR-CH IDELE AOC Fromagères Analysis of AOC cheese gain capital 2008-2010 Coordinator IDELE - FR
INTERREG IV-A FR-CH IDF ALPEAU Protective role of the forest to preserve drinking water 2008-2011 Sub-contracting ONF ONF - FR
INTERREG IV-A FR-IT CTIFL Safeguard of the chestnut ecosystem Conservation of the chestnut ecosystem 2010-2013 Sub-contracting Région du Piémont - IT
INTERREG IV-A FR-IT ASTREDHOR AROMA Aromatic plants species 2010-2013 Partner CREA - IT
INTERREG IV-A Grande région ASTREDHOR ECOLIRIMED Woody on banks 2010-2013 Partner  
INTERREG IV-B NO IDELE DAIRYMAN Dairy farming and environment 2009-2012 Partner WUR - NL
INTERREG IV-B NO IDELE OPTIMIR Steering of dairy cow food with milk analysis 2009-2012 Partner FCL - FR
INTERREG IV-B MED ASTREDHOR FLORMED Mediterranean floriculture: innovative actions for public and private networks 2009-2012 Partner Région Ligurie - IT
INTERREG IV-B Espace Atlantique IDF REINFFORCE Installation of a climate change observatory 2009-2012 Partner IEFC - UE
INTERREG IV-C IDF EUFOFINET Forest fire 2010-2012 Partner  
INTERREG SUDOE IDF FORRISK Network for innovation in sylviculture and integrated management systems of risks in forest 2012-2014 Partner EFI - EU