ITAs 7th PCRD projects 2007/2013

7th PCRD / KBBE UNIP LEGATO Legumes for the agriculture of tomorrow 2014-2017 Partner INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE ACTA, IDELE, IDF AGFORWARD Agroforestry 2014-2017 Partners Université de Cranfield - UK
7th PCRD / KBBE ACTA, CETIOM VALERIE Valorising European Research for Innovation in Agriculture and Forestry 2014-2017 Partners WUR - NL
7th PCRD / KBBE IDELE, IFIP, ARVALIS, ITAB, CETIOM, ACTA CAN-TOGETHER Synergies between animal and plant productions at the territory and farming scale 2012-2015 Partners INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE ARVALIS ADAPTAWHEAT Genetic and physiology of wheat development on the flowering stage. Tools to imrove varietal selection 2012-2015 Partners John Innes Center - UK
7th PCRD / KBBE ARVALIS PRICE Implementation of GMO and no-GMO coexistence at the european level 2012-2015 Member of the stakeholder group INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE ITAB, IFV, FN3PT CO-FREE Alternatives to copper in bio and low-input systems 2012-2015 ITAB partner, IFV & FN3PT sub-contracting JKI - DE
7th PCRD / KBBE ACTA, ARVALIS, CETIOM, IFV PURE Reduction of pesticides use and associated risks in european product systems 2011-2015 ACTA partner, ARVALIS - CETIOM - IFV : third parties INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE IDELE ANIMAL CHANGE Integration of mitigation and adaptation options for breeding practices submitted to climate change 2011-2014 Sub-contracting INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE IDELE SOLINSA Agricultural knowledge systems in transition : towards a more powerful support to learning and networks in a sustainable farming optic 2011-2013 Partner FIBL - CH
7th PCRD / KBBE ARVALIS DROPS Tolerance to water stress 2010-2015 Sub-contracting of BIOGEMA INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE IDELE MULTISWARD Graslands multifonctionalities 2010-2013 Sub-contracting INRA INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE ITAB SOLIBAM Organic seeds 2010-2013 Partner INRA
7th PCRD / KBBE IDF NEWFOREX Forests externalities 2010-2013 Sub-contracting INRA UCPH - DK
7th PCRD / KBBE IDELE, ACTA Informatique AGRIX'CHANGE Common system of data exchanges 2010-2013 Partners WUR - NL
7th PCRD / SME IFIP MEAT COAT A new edible film, biodegradable for fresh meat, derived of milk protein or milk plasma with antimicrobial properties, mecanism and O² but also humidity barrier 2011-2013 Partner ITAV - ES
7th PCRD / SME IDELE AUTOGRASSMILK Breeding of precision in dairy farming 2012-2014 Partner TEAGASC - IE
7th PCRD / SME IFIP FRESHLABEL Development of news smart labels for fresh and frozen food products, highlighting the waste reduction, the health quality and security 2010-2013 Partner TTZ bremerhaven - DE
7th PCRD / SME IFV DEMYBE Microbial stabilisation of wine 2009-2011 Partner RealDyme - FR
7th PCRD / SME ARVALIS TRITICAE GENOME Weath genomic and biotechnology   Sub-contracting of BIOGEMA INRA
7th PCRD / ENERGY CETIOM SUSTOIL Development of new projects in biorefinery 2008-2010 Partner University of York - UK
6th PCRD / FOOD ACTA, ARVALIS, CETIOM, IFV ENDURE Reduction of pesticides use 2007-2010 ACTA partner, ARVALIS - CETIOM - IFV : third parties INRA
6th PCRD / FOOD IFIP Q PORK CHAINS Improvment of pig meat quality for consumers 2007-2011 Partner Royal veterinary and agricultural University - DK
6th PCRD / SSP ARVALIS DIABER-ACT Establish a strategy of harmonised and durable control above Diabrotica virgifera populations 2007-2008 Coordinator ARVALIS
6th PCRD / SSP IFIP PIGCAS Perception of castration procedure 2007-2009 Partner INRA
6th PCRD / SSP IDELE IN SIGHT Innovation and rural development 2007-2008 Partner IFLS - DE