Accelerate the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector


SmartAgriHubs aims at boosting digital transformation of the agri-food sector. By establishing a network of digital innovation hubs, this project has the ambition to stimulate digital solutions uptake in the European farming sector. Those hubs will be dispersed in 9 European regions. They will facilitate the work of 28 flagships experiments innovation in the farming sector.

This project wishes to improve innovations services maturity of those hubs to provide replication in Europe of those digital innovations. The network will be enlarged through open calls permitting to integrate new challenges and technological developments within SmartAgriHubs. The consortium of the project and its specific multi-actors approach provide a representation of the entire ecosystem, a progress of innovations towards the market and uptake by end-users.  


SmartAgriHubs in figures 

  • 4 years of project
  • 108 partners from 21 countries
  • 20 M€ of budget


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Acta Informatique, ARVALIS, and API-AGRO participate to SmartAgriHubs project along with Acta.