Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilization and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration

Coordinated by ACTA, NEFERTITI aims at creating added value from knowledge and technical contents exchange on the networks, between actors and farmers.

The project tries to stimulate innovation, to improve peer-to-peer learning and networks connectivity between agricultural actors in Europe. This goal will be achieved through demonstration activities, at the heart of the NEFERTITI project. In terms of results, NEFERTITI will contribute to a better competitiveness and a better sustainability of the European agriculture, as well as a higher respect for climate. 


NEFERTITI is a unique project establishing 10 interactive thematic networks:

  1. Grassland and carbon sequestration
  2. Data driven decisions for dairy farmers
  3. Robust organic livestock systems
  4. Optimal soil quality in arable crops
  5. Arable crop sensing and variable rate applications
  6. Increasing productivity and quality in organic arable crops
  7. Improved nutrient use efficiency in horticulture
  8. Water use efficiency in horticulture
  9. Reducing pesticides use in the production of grapes, fruits and vegetables
  10. "You can farm” Farm attractiveness


Those 10 thematic networks have been chosen in relation to the key concerns of the farming communities. Those themes also have an interesting potential of innovation, demonstration and cross fertilization, this being essential to the development and achievement of the project.

They cover 3 important sectors of the European agriculture: animal production, arable crops and horticulture.

Those networks will work thanks to 45 regional hubs of demo-farmers and involved actors (advisors, NGO, industry, education, researchers and decision makers) in 17 countries.

This project will establish a web platform, offering a wide dissemination of the experiences, actors and demonstrations.

Moreover, a political dialogue will be engaged with the EU regions in order to bring farmers expectations and interests closer to the political decision makers. This would optimize the sustainability of those networks.


NEFERTITI will be based on the results of the two projects PLAID and AGRIDEMO (2017-2019), in which 50% of the stakeholders are participating. These two projects, which also focus on demonstration activities, have two objectives: to encourage farmers to adopt innovation, and to improve peer learning and understanding of demonstration activities.

The three projects will communicate throughout their activities with the concept and the logo "FarmDemo".                            


NEFERTITI in numbers:

  • 4 years, started in January 2018
  • 7 M€ of budget funded by Horizon 2020
  • 32 partners
  • 17 countries

Partners :



For more information :

download the NEFERTITI flyer here.



ARVALIS, IDELE and IFV participate to the project along with Acta-les instituts techniques agricoles.