Feed-a-Gene aims to better adapt different components of monogastric livestock production systems (i.e., pigs, poultry and rabbits) to improve the overall efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact. This involves the development of new and alternative feed resources and feed technologies, the identification and selection of robust animals that are better adapted to fluctuating conditions, and the development of feeding techniques that allow optimizing the potential of the feed and the animal. 


Feed-a-Gene in figures

  • Feed-a-Gene has been awarded a grant from the European Commission under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.
  • The estimated eligible costs of the action are € 9,933,795.00.
  • The duration of the action will be 60 months as of 1st March 2015.



Feed-a-Gene gathers 23 partners from 8 European countries and China: 8 research institutes and higher education organisations, 9 industry partners (2 involved in livestock production, 2 in innovative technologies for animal breeding, 3 in feed production and transformation, and 2 in equipment for precision feeding), 6 in extension and management.


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IFIP, ITAVI and Terres Inovia participate to Feed a Gene project along with Acta.