Space for innovations in Agriculture

At the kickoff meeting in April of 2015, AgriSpin officially started the process of hunting down “Space for innovations in Agriculture”. By uncovering the so-called blind spots in innovation projects, AgriSpin’s goal is to contribute to improved methods of innovation in European agriculture.

Blind spots in an innovation project are all the important subprocesses which the participants may not view as critical to the project. Nevertheless, the entire project could fail if one or several of these subprocesses are derailed.

For example, blind spots can occur in the collaboration between a farmer who has an innovative idea and his adviser to whom he turns for advice. If they understand each other, chances are that the appropriate supportive measures will be put into play. If not, the chances of that happening are a lot slimmer.

The AgriSpin project will examine the practice of innovation today by answering questions such as: How does the European farmer seek information and support? What competencies does he expect of his adviser? What kind of support system is in place today? By doing so, AgriSpin intends to uncover best cases for innovation and identify the type of innovation support system that makes for the most optimal innovation process.

To ensure that the knowledge accumulated in the project is disseminated to as many stakeholders as possible, AgriSpin will work towards creating a powerful European network among advisers, researchers, organisational experts and innovation companies.

By establishing a strong innovation network between the partners of the AgriSpin project as well as reaching out to European agricultural networks, innovation networks, EU-funded innovation projects and to politicians, on a European, regional and national level, AgriSpin hopes to contribute to a strengthened innovation effort in European agriculture.



Agrispin in figures

Project period: 2 ½ years, starting March 2015

Funding source: Horizon 2020- the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 

Funding budget: € 2,000,000



  •  Knowledge Center for Agriculture, SEGES - Denmark
  • Dutch Southern Farmers Organisation, ZLTO - Netherlands
  • University of Hohenheim, UHOH - Germany
  • Union of Chambers of Agriculture, VLK - Germany
  • Innovatiesteunpunt, ISP - Belgium
  • Latvian Rural Advisory and Training, Centre, LLKC - Latvia
  • ACTA - France
  • Tuscany Region, RT - Italy
  • ProAgria - Finland
  • IFOAM EU GROUP - Belgium
  • Teagasc - Ireland
  • Cirad-UMR Innovation - France
  • ADEPT - Romania
  • Agricultural University of Athens, AUA - Greece
  • Fundacion Hazi Fundazioa, FHF - Spain


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ITAB participates to the AGRISPIN project along with Acta.