ACTA : key actor in the field of innovation related to agriculture and in the EIP-AGRI

The setting-up of the EIP-AGRI launched new dynamics for Research and Innovation in the field of Agriculture at the EU level. Indeed, this new “interactive innovation model” and the new related multi-actor project paradigms (i.e. “multi-actor approach”, “thematic networks”, “Operational Groups”) provides ACTA and ITAs a key role in the implementation of the EIP scheme. Therefore, due to their particular position at the interface between academics and farmers, the ITAs are expected to be major players in order to bridge the gap between innovation and practice. ACTA and the ITAs undertook to face this ambitious challenges by investing at different key level of the EIP scheme.



ACTA is one of the partners of the FP7 Valerie project that started in January in 2014 and whose objective is to boost the outreach of research with focus on agricultural and forestry knowledge and innovation systems. This project extracts, reviews, and wraps-up research outcomes and existing scientific information on selected themes, and with a special interest for innovative and applicable approaches.


ACTA and ITAB are partners of the H2020 Thematic network AgriSPIN, Space for innovations in Agriculture. Its overall goal is to systematically explore innovation intermediaries' practices and support services in a diversity of European regions.





ACTA is a member of the "Innovation sub-group of the EIP-AGRI" whose current governance structure is under the umbrella of the European network for rural development (ENRD). The missions of the innovation group are to support the DG AGRI and the EIP-AGRI Service Point for the overall EIP animation.



Adrien GUICHAOUA, Head of European and Regional affairs at ACTA, as been officially nominated as Co-Chair of the fourth SCAR ("Standing Committee for Agricultural Research" of the European Commission) Strategic Working Group AKIS (Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems) in presence of Phil Hogan (European Commissioner in charge of Agriculture) and Hans Hoogeveen (Dutch Vice-Minister in charge of Agriculture) during the EU conference "a strategic approach to EU Agriculture, research and innovation” (Bruxelles-26th -28th of January)


He is also National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 (BIO) Societal Challenge 2 "Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy".