Research and Development

Technical agricultural institutes are organizations for applied research, technical support, experimentation, expertise, training and information. Their mission is to respond to the needs of the sectors by producing technical and scientific references and decision support tools, documents, etc. They work on all components of agricultural production systems to support the actors of the sectors in the adoption of efficient systems on economic, social and environmental levels.

The complexity of the subjects dealt with requires multiple skills and leads technical agricultural institutes to develop partnerships with other actors in Agricultural Research and Development.

Acta, as the head of the network of technical agricultural institutes, is committed to strengthening cross-disciplinary approaches and collaboration between members of its network and with research organisations, professional agricultural organisations, public authorities, etc. In addition to the activities carried out by the technical agricultural institutes for the benefit of each sector, it conducts or coordinates applied research or knowledge transfer activities in cross-disciplinary fields:

  • Integrated crop protection
  • Design and evaluation of sustainable production systems (biodiversity, management of biochemical cycles, evaluation of the sustainability of systems, polyculture-livestock farming, etc.).
  • Quality control and management (in relation to the downstream sectors)
  • Beekeeping and pollination (in partnership with ITSAP - Institut de l'abeille)

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