Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System


EURAKNOS objective is to stimulate the compilation of knowledge ready for practice by intensifying interactions between different thematic networks in order to maximize ouputs for practitioners. The project will be based on existing networks and their results to promote and develop them in an interactive way. A cross-fertilization will be made between networks and between countries, regions, production systems avoiding duplications.

EURAKNOS particularly focuses on data management to provide sustainability of knowledge coming from those networks and to optimize results for end-users.

Among networks, exchanges of existing approaches, methodologies and tools are at stake. The research of a harmonized approach is considered by EURAKNOS, for future thematic networks, in order to maximize impacts on end-users. To do so, EURAKNOS will explore the needs of end-users and the possibilities of creating a European agricultural knowledge innovation open source system connecting all thematic networks. 


EURAKNOS in figures 

  • 2 years of project
  • 16 partners from 11 countries
  • 2 101 286,25 € of budget



  • Gent university - BE
  • ILVO - BE
  • Royal Agricultural University - UK
  • Agricultural University of Athens - EL
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - ES
  • GruenlandZentrum Niedersachsen/Bremen - Germany
  • Biosense institute - Serbia
  • AKI - Hungary
  • IFA - UK
  • Université d’Aarhus - DK
  • Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture - Hungary
  • Agricultural research centre - Estonia
  •  IFOAM EU - Sweden


IDELE and IFV participate to EURAKNOS project along with Acta.