Support to network members

Support for the network: a central task for Acta

Acta is responsible for hosting and representing the network of agricultural technical institutes (ATIs). As such, it attaches great importance to coordinating all the support functions involved in R&D:

  • The integration of agricultural technical institutes at the European level
  • Training
  • Scientific and technical information
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Legal issues (employment law, intellectual property etc.)
  • IT

On all these issues, Acta provides relevant and easy to use information to agricultural technical institutes, facilitating the harmonisation of practices and pooling of support services.

A priority for Acta is the inclusion of agricultural technical institutes in the European Research Area. Its objective is to ensure that policy makers and European partners recognise the specific role of agricultural technical institutes and increase the participation of ATIs in European collaborative projects.

In terms of training, Acta has two roles:

  • Presenting the network’s overall training offer. Each year, thousands of agricultural advisers, technicians and farmers from all backgrounds, broaden or update their knowledge thanks to this system.
  • Providing specific training to strengthen the skills of ATI employees.


Through its subsidiary, Acta Informatique, Acta provides common services to ATIs and draws up framework contracts for the provision of software, hardware etc.


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