French hop producers association

Key figures


In 2020 : 2.3 FTE

Total budget

In 2020 : 180 K€ (including 167 K€ in development actions)

“For quality French hops!”

The AGPH, an association bringing together the entire French hop production sector, aims to enable French hop growers to control the production of a quality raw material that meets the needs and quality requirements of their customers, to ensure their marketing in economically profitable conditions.


The main areas of intervention are :

  • the hop plant and cultivation techniques, development of new varieties and regional adaptations ..,

  • production systems and technological innovations, experimentation of new cultivation techniques, new materials and equipment ..,

  • quality control, processing techniques and programs, sustainable cultivation...,

  • communication and dissemination of information.

For these actions, the AGPH relies on Producer Groups and their technical services and works in association with external national organizations, Chambers of Agriculture 67 and 59, the Agricultural High School of Obernai, Twistaroma, Anadiag, eurofins and international: WYE HOPS Ltd (UK), Hüll Research Center (Germany).

For its trade union part, the association also participates actively in the International Hop Growing Committee, which brings together the main hop-growing regions in the world.

Following the development of hop growing outside the historical regions, the new AGPH of 2020 invites all regional organizations to join it to participate in its development.

In order to support new hop growers, a technical institute for hops (ITH) has been created. The AGPH's union and technical actions are therefore clearly distinct within the association.

The revival of the AGPH was made official in August 2019 during the first Hop Conference in Obernai.

The AGPH is also the member representing producers within the interprofessional hop association, InterHop, which was recognized in February 2020 by the Ministry of Agriculture.


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