Technical institute of producers of oilseeds, protein crops, and hemp

Key figures


In 2018 : 164 FTE of which 81 FTE engineers and managers and 63 FTE supervisors and employees

Total budget

In 2018 : €17m

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    Independence, innovation, reference and openness at the service of professionals in the vegetable oil and protein and hemp industries

Our Mission Statement

We improve the competitiveness of oilseed, protein and hemp crops, through innovation and independent expertise, by adapting agricultural production and product development to different economic contexts and societal demands.

Our ambition

In a mobilizing environment for employees and effective alliances with our partners, we contribute to :

  • setting up diversified, multi-performing cultural systems;
  • developing digital agriculture, as close as possible to the diversity of producers in their territories;
  • strengthening France's protein autonomy.

Exchanges with all players in the sector

The partnerships aim to promote the results of research to economic operators and to raise the expectations of producers towards researchers. Terres Inovia is involved in several UMTs alongside INRA, participates in scientific committees, provides staff, co-finances theses and funds study subjects.

Its numerous collaborations with counterpart technical institutes take the form of studies, experiments or joint events.
In the regions, partnerships are the rule with economic and development structures. The entire experimental programme federated by Terres Inovia forms a network of almost 400 trials.
Abroad, Terres Inovia maintains scientific relations with numerous research teams. In particular, it runs the International Rapeseed Research Advisory Group (GCIRC) and the International Sunflower Association (ISA).

The ressources of Terres Inovia

Producers participate directly in the financing of Terres Inovia through a CVO (voluntary contribution made obligatory by ministerial order) on crops collected by Terres Univia, the interprofession for vegetable oils and proteins, and through the assistance of the Interchanvre interprofession for hemp. This resource is supplemented by subsidies linked to public research and development projects (European Commission, French ministries, regions), expertise and technical support contracts with industrialists in the sector and funding from the Ministry of Agriculture (CASDAR).

Officially recognized expertise

Terres Inovia is part of the first wave of organizations that received their official qualification as an agricultural technical institute from the Ministry of Agriculture in 2007. This qualification was renewed in 2018.
It completes its ISO 9001 certification acquired in 2000 for its entire activity, and renewed in 2015 by AFNOR Certification.
Its analysis laboratory in Ardon (45) has been accredited since 1996, according to the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard. This accreditation was renewed in 2016. Its experimentation network has been approved since 1999 by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out officially recognised tests. This accreditation was renewed in 2014.


Sébastien WINDSOR
Laurent ROSSO
Olivier LE GALL
Président du conseil scientifique
Directeur adjoint - Directeur des opérations de recherche, d'études et d'expérimentation
Directeur de l'action régionale, du transfert et de la valorisation
Christine GIGANDON
Directrice de la communication
Directeur du numérique et des systèmes d'information
Directeur administratif et financier