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Institut Technique de la Betterave

Key figures


In 2019 : 39 FTE

Total budget

In 2019 : €5.7m

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Applied Agricultural Research Organization for sugar beet, the Institut Technique de la Betterave (ITB) is the interprofessional organ of the sugar beet industry: beet growers and manufacturers of sugar, alcohol and ethanol.
ITB is the leading and vital international referent to increase productivity and competitiveness of sugar beet, at level of the farm, of its territory and of its sector. At the heart of current and future scientific, technical and communication tools, the institute is in line with societal and environmental expectations.

Expertise skills :

  • Genetics and varieties : contribute to breeders' genetic guidelines, assess different varieties and their sustainability & advise farmers in their varietal choices.
  • Agronomy : optimize the place of sugar beet in the crop rotation, evaluate new farming practices & adjust irrigation and fertilization.
  • Weeding, diseases and pests : test and put forward programs that are efficient, economical and respectful of the environment, participate in surveillance networks and alert & implement integrated protection
  • Agricultural equipment : test technological innovations & advise on the appropriate settings for each material

ITB is a technical agricultural institute qualified by the Ministry of Agriculture and a a member of the IIRB (International Institute for Better Agricultural Research).






Alexandre QUILLET
Directeur Général
Fabienne MAUPAS
Responsable Technique et Scientifique
Responsable Expérimentation & Expertise Régionale
Jean-Pierre DODINET
Responsable Administratif & Financier
Responsable Communication
Assistante de direction