Institut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique

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In 2016 : 24

Total budget

In 2016 : €1.8m

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Federating expertise, developing techniques

The technical institute dedicated to organic agriculture

Established in 1982, ITAB is a body dedicated to the national coordination of professionally managed AB research and experimentation. The institute brings together experts from the field, research and professionals to produce technical references on organic production methods, useful to both organic and conventional farmers.

3 main missions :

  • Animation of the national network of research-experimentation in AB
  • Setting up national projects
  • Production of technical knowledge

Network operation

ITAB works in a network with all those involved in research and experimentation in AB or who can contribute their knowledge and share it with AB.

The ITAB relies in particular on :

  • research and experimentation stations, research coordination stations, experimental farms and agricultural high school farms that carry out research in AB.
  • the network of regional and departmental groups of agrobiologists and regional and departmental chambers of agriculture

All the productions concerned, from upstream to downstream

ITAB is working on:

  • livestock, field crops, viticulture, fruits, vegetables...
  • upstream (agronomy and cropping systems, seeds & plants, plant and animal health...) and downstream (quality and processing of organic products)


Xavier NIAUX
Jean-Michel BOHUON
Directeur Général
Catherine EXPERTON
Pôle New ITAB
Frédéric REY
Partenariat (international)