IFIP - Institut du porc



IFIP, the institute for the pig and pork sector, aims to contribute to the modernisation, competitiveness and sustainable development of the whole supply chain and to provide consumers with diversified, faithful, healthy and quality products.

Its research and development studies and actions are organised around four main themes:

  • Supply chain economics from the supply of animals through to consumption
  • Husbandry techniques
  • Genetics
  • The technological, health and nutritional characteristics of fresh meats and prepared and processed products from distribution to the farm

Training is IFIP’s preferred tool for transferring the expertise of its engineers, gained through their research and study and in collaboration with research (INRA, ANSES, veterinary schools etc.), to stakeholders in the pig and pork sector and to companies themselves.

IFIP's training offer, of which an excerpt is presented in this catalogue, covers a broad range of topics in the main areas of knowledge mobilised by partners in the pig and pork industry.

Targeted at different professions within companies, it covers all the training needs of staff and in particular:

  • Adapting skills to new techniques, processes and requirements
  • The ever-changing regulatory requirements