Technical institute of producers of oilseeds, protein crops, and hemp

Our main actions


Improving crop competitiveness

    • Disseminate reference information to secure locations

    • Propose integrated management strategies to control diseases, pests and weeds

    • Follow the campaign in real time

    • Better integration of certain crops into cropping systems

    • To guide farmers in the choice of species and types to be favoured

    • Propose technical itineraries adapted to local contexts, climate change and the sustainable use of plant protection products.

    • Strengthen local partnerships to prioritize topics for study

    • Contribute to the structuring of dedicated sectors

Fostering Ecosystems


    • Integrating ecosystem services into agricultural value chains

    • Advance knowledge on some of the themes that involve biological processes rather than inputs

Contributing to the development of organic farming



    • Identify the issues and technical difficulties raised by producers

    • Build a shared expertise on organic products by federating the skills and expertise of the institute and its various partners.

    • Develop the acquisition of organic references

    • Accompanying the dynamics of varietal evolution for organic farming



Enhancing market opportunities

  • Improving crushing

  • Ensure a watch on new products

  • To provide expertise in first transformation processes

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