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Institut Technique Interprofes. des Plantes à Parfum Médicinales et Aromatiques



  • Herbalia - quarterly newsletter with news of the sector.
  • Herb@lia - monthly electronic newsletter (available free).
  • Thematic dossiers with technical guides for many species.
  • Organic agriculture: technical Guide for major species. Weeding techniques. Composting.
  • Pests and beneficials. Aromatic plants from south-east France.
  • Drying. From principles to final design.
  • Bibliographical reviews:

               - Stimulating natural defences

               - Natural products for crop protection

               - Inventory of useful perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants

               - Lavender and lavandin decline (summary of research since 1993).

  • A complete list of publications is available on request or at: