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Institut Technique Interprofes. des Plantes à Parfum Médicinales et Aromatiques

Areas of expertise


  • Genetic improvement and breeding
  • Cropping itineraries: crop protection and management of dates and harvesting stages
  • Harvest and post-harvest technologies

Tél. : 02 41 30 30 79

Contact: Jean-Pierre BOUVERAT-BERNIER

Phytochemistry and normalisation

  • Phytochemical analyses
  • Verification of compliance with AFNOR and Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Training in analytical techniques

Tél. : 02 41 30 30 79

Contact: Denis BELLENOT

Organic agriculture

  • Conducting experiments
  • Technical support to organisations
  • Participation in the national network of advisers
  • Publications.

       Contact : Laurent COUSTON

Documentation centre

  • Brings together international literature for addressing new research actions
  • Monitors scientific and technical news
  • Offers various personalised external documentary and monitoring services 

       Contact : Bruno GAUDIN,
       Contact :Paul GICQUIAUD
       Tél. : 02 41 30 30 79

Scientific and technical board

Composed of researchers and decision makers from the agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and perfume sectors, and from both the public sector (INRA and universities etc.) and the private industrial sector, the board is involved in the programming of actions and the choice of methods for achieving them.

Contact: Bernadette JULLIER