Institut Technique de l'Aviculture

The training courses



  • Formulating Eco-foods 
  • Formulating a poultry feed



  • Optimization of ventilation in the feeding room
  • Carbon dioxide CO2, a new room parameter


  • Animal protection at the slaughterhouse, evaluation method & variation factors
  • Application EBENE rabbit welfare assessment
  • Application EBENE welfare assessment alternative layers
  • Application EBENE welfare assessment for broilers


  • Understanding society's view of animal husbandry
  • Poultry sector economics, challenges and prospects


  • Regulatory obligation, potential impact and assessment tools
  • FDI regulation in poultry farming, implementation of BATs


  • Muscle defects in poultry


  • Antibiotics in poultry farming, limiting their use
  • Biosecurity of rabbit farms
  • Biosecurity of poultry and palmipeds farms
  • Training of trainers - Well-being referent certificate
  • Well-being and biosecurity certificate for poultry farms
  • Poultry helminths, detection and identification
  • The hatching egg: from egg-laying to chicks
  • Prevention of risks at work, dusts
  • Poultry collection - Welfare and Biosecurity                                                                                                     


  • Starting up broiler poultry, from theory to practice
  • Atmosphere management in broiler poultry, from theory to practice
  • Broiler litter management, from theory to practice
  • Mastering drinking water quality, from theory to practice 

For the training of your employees, we also offer in-company training courses (tailor-made)

We build with you a training that meets your objectives. The content, duration, dates and location of these training courses are defined according to your requirements.


TRAINING DEPARTMENT : 23 rue Jean Baldassini - 69364 Lyon cedex 07 - France

Contact the pedagogical manager:

Jean-Marie FONTANET ( or 04 72 72 49 48)

Contact the training administrative manager:

Nadine DUROCHAT ( or 04 72 72 49 47)