Institut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique


Areas of research

Designing more resilient and sustainable AB production systems

Aims to assess the sustainability and resilience of current production systems in AB, through the acquisition of references and the production of methods for evaluating the performance of organic systems. In addition, work will focus on the design and evaluation of more sustainable and resilient organic production systems: identification and study of innovations and evaluation of the performance of these innovative systems.


Mobilizing genetic resources

This axis focuses on the indispensable lever of mobilizing animal and plant genetic resources for robust crops and animals, for efficient and resilient systems, and for quality organic products. Upstream of two essential components on animal and plant breeding for AB, a first component aims to promote the development of an organic seed and plant sector, a necessary condition for the development of specific breeding programmes.

Developing techniques and preventive methods to optimise crop production systems in AB

This axis is targeted at mobilising eco-system services and optimising technical itineraries to improve the performance of these systems. Two major issues, which are very important in the specialized systems that have multiplied over the last 15 years (whether in irrigated or perennial crops), are the subject of direct or indirect work: soil fertility management on the one hand, and control of bio-aggressors on the other.

Develop preventive techniques and methods to optimise production systems in polyculture-livestock farming in AB

This work seeks to develop autonomous and economical organic farming systems which show respect for those who work in them, for the welfare of animals and for the environment. The objective of this fundamental work is to develop farms which are self-sufficient in terms of feed - a key to their success - and to promote preventive livestock methods and the use of alternatives to allopathic products in order to reduce the vulnerability of animals faced with the development of multifactorial disorders.


Innovating at the input level for plant and animal health in organic agriculture

This theme complements the preventive and systemic approaches described above and works on the evaluation of the effectiveness and the registration of plant protection products and animal health products. This involves improving our knowledge on natural protection products which can be used in organic agriculture, encouraging their availability and raising their profile. 

Optimising organic product quality for the health and well-being of citizens

This work takes place at the scale of the supply chain and, indeed, the food chain (from field to fork), in order to meet the expectations of both consumers and those working in the supply chain. Work focuses on characterising and assessing the quality of organic food and products. For this, many aspects are considered: nutritional, sensory, health, global, environmental etc. In addition, work is also aiming to develop a quality approach throughout the food chain (environmental, sanitary and technological requirements etc.).

Stimulating innovative partnerships and networks

This axis reinforces the Institute's technical programme with an original approach specific to the Institute. The work will focus on (i) identifying needs and orienting research, (ii) network animation and mobilization of skills, (iii) knowledge production and (iv) and valorization of knowledge and achievements.